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Referred to by the British as Cape Commorin, Kanyakumari is located at the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent and is the meeting point of three oceans - the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. The small temple dedicated to Kanyakumari, or the youthful form of the primeval energy Shakti (Mother Goddess) is located on the seashore, in the town known by the same name. 

Kanyakumari represents the site where the spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda spent days in meditation upon a rock. The list of attractions in Kanyakumari is endless. Besides its significance as a major Hindu pilgrimage center,

it is famous for its beautiful views of sunrise and sunset over the waters. The tourist destination itself is a beautiful place to move around.

Kanyakumari Temple, Gandhi Mandapam, Vivekananda Memorial, Suchindram Temple 

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