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Spain - 'Fiesta in the sun'

Mediterranean beaches, sangria in the sun and paella by the plateful. Southern Spain has long been a popular place, but tourists are increasingly turning to the fascinations of another Spain, far removed from the high-rise developments lining the Costa del Sol.  

France - 'An enlightened way of life'

It's hard to generalise about France - as Charles de Gaulle once remarked, 'how could one describe a country which has 265 kinds of cheese?' Yet there is something about this magnificent land which draws millions of francophiles back year after year for a taste of la vie franÁaise.  

Italy - 'Sunshine, wine and smart design' :

What would it be like to wake in the heart of the Roman Empire, lunch in a sumptuous sixteenth-century Renaissance villa, and go to bed in the capital of twenty-first century designer chic? Visit Italy, taking in Rome, Florence and Milan, and the experience is yours. 

Switzerland - 'Europe's alpine miniature' :
Small, mountainous and wealthy, with a population of just seven million, Switzerland is renowned for its enviable quality of life in a country that ticks along like clockwork. Its products are sought after the world over, from dangerously delicious cheese and chocolate to luxurious watches whose timekeeping is as sharp as a Swiss army knife, another popular export from this clever, little nation in the Alps.

Portugal - 'Europe's last best-kept secret'

Portugal is a country of astonishing beauty and diversity, not to mention clear blue skies and friendly, courteous people. Pick any destination and the view from your window might be a rugged stretch of windswept coastline (Cabo do S„o Vicente, Castelejo, Cabo Espichel), a pristine beach where fishermen mend their nets beside brightly painted sardine boats (Albufeira, Bordeira, Praia do Camilo) or a cobbled street overlooked by dazzling whitewashed houses with wooden balconies and red-tiled roofs.

Vatican City
The Vatican City is situated entirely within the city of Rome, sprawling over a hill west of the River Tiber, and separated from the rest of the city by a wall. Vatican City comprises St Peterís Church, St Peterís Square, the Vatican and the Vatican Gardens. The State of the Vatican City came into existence in 1929. Head of State and Government: His Holiness Pope John Paul II since 1978.

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