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Mauritius :
Mauritius has all the exoticism of the most exotic resorts, but none of their scars. No high rises, no concrete jungles, no charter flights, no mass tourism, and no social or environmental pollution. Only Virgin beaches embraced by coral reefs, translucent sea lagoons, weird and wonderful landscapes, chic hotels, sophisticated cuisine, charming cosmopolitan people, civilized politics- like a paradise free from original sin.   

Malaysia :
No visit to South East Asia is complete with without a stopover at Malaysia. A visitor to Malaysia is always struck by the friendly hospitality of her people.   

Singapore :
Singapore, the stunning centrepiece of southeast Asia, is a cultural pot pourri that leaves the unsuspecting visitor dazzled by the containment of so many influences upon one small island. Sir Stamford Raffles, a nineteenth-century British civil servant, brought the 'Lion City' to world prominence after searching for a trading station to counter the Dutch influence in the Straits of Malacca, and trade has remained the island's mainstay.   

Thailand :
The Kingdom of Thailand lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, making it a natural gateway to Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China. Its shape and geography divide into four natural regions: the mountains and forests of the North; the vast rice fields of the Central Plains; the semi-arid farm lands of the Northeast plateau; and the tropical islands and long coastline of the peninsula South.  

Pattaya :
Pattaya is Thailand's premier beach resort and annually attracts hundreds of thousands of pleasure seeking tourists from all over the world. Pattaya's relaxing tropical ambience is perfect for a memorial holiday experience for families, couples and single visitors. 

Maldives :
Maldives is a unique destination to tour for the fun loving tourist seeking an exotic holiday. This beautiful tour destination is synonymous with top class Water sport destination of fairy tale resorts. Buddhism arrived here in 300 BC and was the main religion until 1153 AD when Islam started having an influence on the Royal family followed by conversions. Today, a common language (Dhivehi) and religion (Islam) have united people into a cohesive and peaceful society. Coral reefs protect over a 1000, tiny islands grouped into natural atolls. You can have an experience of lifetime in the low-lying islands of pure white coral sand, the highest point on any given island being no more than a meter and a half above sea level. There is so much to do on your tours of Maldives, you can enjoy cruising, island hoping, snorkeling, scuba diving you name it and it can be arranged for you. 

Nepal :
Nepal a land of sublime scenery is nestled along the great heights of the Himalayas. A tour of Nepal offers beautiful temples and some of the best walking trails in Asia. Nepal is a country rich in scenic splendor and cultural treasures. It has mystical charm that draws many travelers to its fold.

Himalayas Many eastern classics and books of wisdom have referred to the Himalayas as the abode of the gods and home to the immortals. These descriptions did not stem merely from the majesty and grandeur of the natural surroundings but perhaps alluded to a special environment where communion with the divine was possible through contemplation and meditation. Since time immemorial, ascetics, scholars, philosophers and pilgrim have been drawn irresistibly to these remote and rugged mountains in their personal search for wisdom, inspiration, solitude and happiness.

Sri Lanka
Paradise is perhaps the best word to describe Sri Lanka, a serene, tropical island of golden beaches and blue waters. Famed for the amazing diversity of culture, the natural beauty of the landscape and a complex history dating back to 543 BC, this country is truly amazing. Coastal beaches merging into jungle and the hill country with peaks reaching a height of 2400 meters.

You will find terraced tea plantations, waterfalls and lakes, unspoiled palm-lined beaches with coral reefs, rice paddies, wildlife parks filled with animals in their native and much more on your tours of Sri Lanka. On your tour of Sri Lanka you can choose from a variety of activities from lazing on the beach to diving in coral reefs, observing the wildlife, mountain hikes through tea estates or wandering through the ruins of ancient temples and palaces.

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